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bambini truccati da tigre

Workshops are addressed to children aged 3 and over.
When: all year round.
Price: €20.
Contact: Cortina office, +39 327 37 80 234

WORKSHOP: “Place where you absorb other people's positivity, and allow yours to emerge without too many worries”, Munari Bruno, psycho-pedagogist.
Let's forget about “ready-made” games that leave no space for imagination, television and video games, to enter our CREATIVITY WORKSHOP. Cutting, glueing, experiencing, painting, sewing, erasing, designing, hitting the nails, screwing in, kneading, handling, staining! In other words freedom of expression, developing a personal style, creativity and imagination.

  • Expressive painting workshops: using tempera colors, watercolors, crayons, colors for fabric and glass.
  • Manipulation workshops: salt dough, papier-maché, recycled paper, fimo.
  • Creativity workshops: cloth, felt, cardboard, decoupage, natural elements (leaves, stones, flowers), wood, needle and thread, sewing and knitting.
  • Reutilization workshops of recyclable materials: giving birth to new things.

The activities take place all year round at our registered office, situated in Pezié 104 in Cortina d'Ampezzo, and are reserved for ASD FairPlay members.
Workshops will be diversified according to the participants' ages.