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Regulatory protocol for the contrast and containment of the spread of the covid-19 virus during recreational and sports activities (REV. 0.4 del 5/06/2020)

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passaggio aereo in un parco avventura

For children aged 4 and over.
When: from 8 am to 4 pm, from June to September.
Price can vary depending on the Adventure Park.
Contact: Cortina office, +39 327 37 80 234

Walking on rope bridges and walkways, riding long zip lines in the natural and picturesque setting of an adventure park surrounded by the Dolomites woods. That is, adrenaline, sport and thrill, but most of all a curious and fun way to experience nature. After wearing helmet and harness, children will be taught right away by instructors to walk on the trees in complete safety. They will begin with a testing route, easy but effective, and will learn how to clip carabiners on and off. After learning the basic operations, children can try many routes from the easiest to the most difficult one, all designed specifically for them.
This activity encourages children to take a challenge, arouses concentration and strengthen group spirit. At all times, children will be watched by the instructors of the adventure park and by FairPlay staff.