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Regulatory protocol for the contrast and containment of the spread of the covid-19 virus during recreational and sports activities (REV. 0.4 del 5/06/2020)

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gibbo mentre fa una highline con sfondo monte piana

The course is addressed to adults and children aged 6 and over.
When: all summer from 9 am to 4 pm.
Price: one-to-one lessons: €20 /hour; €90 /5 hours. Group lessons (2-4 people): €15 /hour; €65/ 5 hours.
Contact: Cortina office, +39 327 37 80 234

Slacklining is an exercise of balance and dynamic balancing. The name of this activity originates from the slackline, a flat ribbon made of polyester or nylons, stretched between two points, on which people walk. Moreover, children can play many games and experts can perform different tricks on it. Instructors are available for one-to-one lessons and group lessons, at our FairPlay Station in Pezié 104.