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● Activities are reserved for ASD FairPlay members: the annual membership fee is €20, valid from November 1st, 2016, to October 31st, 2017.
● In order to participate in the activities, it is necessary to produce a medical certificate for non-competitive sports activity at the time of registration.
● Alpine skiing, snowboarding, telemark and cross country skiing courses are taught exclusively by instructors of the Italian Ski and Snowboard School, as well as by federal trainers of the Italian Winter Sports Federation.
● All rates listed below are per person.
● Booking confirmation requires the payment of the whole amount (lunches and extra services excluded): IBAN: IT72X0851161070000000023719 - Bank: CRA di Cortina d’Ampezzo e delle Dolomiti - Reason: “Acconto attività sportiva di NAME SURNAME OF PARTICIPANT”.
● Absences must be communicated at least 24 hours in advance to the ski instructors or the secretary's office, otherwise the activity will be charged. We remind you that children are divided into groups the day before the activity: this involves, amongst other things, choosing how many cars and instructors are needed. Therefore, an absence that has not been communicated in advance represents a cost for us, not to mention that another child has probably been left at home.
● On the day of the race, children continue skiing afterwards as usual: if parents decide to take children home earlier they will pay for the whole day.
● Refunds are possible only in the event of sickness, upon production of a medical certificate.
● Lessons take place in any weather condition, also on Christmas Day and on the first day of January.
● During winter season, courses begin on Sundays. For organizational reasons we recommend to be present at the first day's selection: in this way, you'll be included in the correct group.
● We recommend that all participants wear the appropriate outfit, back protector and twin tip skis. The wearing of helmets is compulsory.
● Group courses for children aged 6/7 and over include telemark skiing, snowboarding and cross country skiing lessons, depending on weather conditions and group abilities, assessed by the instructor. In the event that ASD FairPlay should provide the equipment, rental prices are the following (per day): Telemark skis €20, Snowboard €20, Cross country skis €15.
● One-to-one lessons do NOT include pick up and return service: we will meet at the bottom of the slope.
● Group courses have limited places: with a minimum of 3 and a maximum of 6 participants. With children aged 12 and over, groups can have up to 8 participants.
● Rates do not include skipass, lunch and equipment rentals. Lunch costs about €12, depending on the restaurant. Lunch and rentals are paid in advance by FairPlay, and therefore included in the bill. Skipass must be purchased personally at the skipass office by the parents.