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Regulatory protocol for the contrast and containment of the spread of the covid-19 virus during recreational and sports activities (REV. 0.4 del 5/06/2020)

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 uscita in sup al tramonto

Stand Up Paddle Tour
The activity is addressed to adults from 18.
When: all summer long.
Price can vary from €15-60, depending on the chosen Tour (min. 2 people - look up to flyer or Facebook).
Contacts: Francesca +39 346 3667866 - Jonatah +39 392 990 9061

At dawn and dusk, with daylight or full moon, along the shoreline and Grado Lagoon, towards the Island of Barbana, the Sunny Island ("Isola del sole"), Duino cliffs and the Bay of Sistiana or taking part in the pilgrimage of Barbana ("Perdon de Barbana"). All tours include breakfast, lunch, dinner and a drink.

SUP night
The activity is addressed to adults and children aged 6 and over.
When: on Thursday evenings.
Price: €10.
Contact: Jonatah +39 392 990 9061

On Thursdays, the SUP school is open until 9 pm for rentals, one-to-one and group lessons, and also for the group tour along Nazario Sauro dam for enthusiastic paddlers (also with your own equipment). Followed by pasta, beer and DJ, hosted by Stabilimento Tivoli!