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Regulatory protocol for the contrast and containment of the spread of the covid-19 virus during recreational and sports activities (REV. 0.4 del 5/06/2020)

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ragazzo non vedente totale veleggia con un laser da solo in mare aperto

The course is addressed to blind children and adults.
When: from september  13rd to 18th.
Where: Portopiccolo - Sistiana
Price: €390 /person - minimum 6, maximum 8 participants).
Contacst: Druso +39 347 347 3992 – Tommaso +39 348 247 2221

ASD FairPlay, in partnership with UICI of TRIESTE (Italian Union of Blind and Partially Sighted people Onlus) and ANIOMAP (National Association of Instructors of Orientation, Mobility and Personal Autonomy), organizes a sailing course addressed to people with visual impairments.
This course is divided in two levels: beginner and advanced. It aims at teaching the principles and basic techniques, with an eye to encouraging participants to continue their sports path in this field, broadening the horizon of their future skills. Sailing is a sport that offers multiple experiences from both a sensorial and emotional point of view. It offers a new and different approach to the sea, that can be experienced both as leisure, and as an unparalleled environment, of which you have to know characteristics and changes.
Boats allow us to experience a new, different mean: they float on water, with no wheels. They have a unique sound, and can easily be explored in each section.
Sailing also means to understand the meaning of driving something autonomously in safety, through reference points that engage more senses, such as the sound of water, the sun, winds and breezes, the position of the tiller relative to ours and the boat's.
Moreover, we will exercise on sailing dinghies: these boats allow us to feel and collect more information, especially about the hull's positioning and movements, so as to understand their reactions and act accordingly. Moreover, they can be turned over easily, to allow a complete exploration of each section of the boat.
The aim is to offer an authentic sailing course, combining the skills of professionals in sports and rehabilitation of people with visual disabilities. Therefore, this course allows participants to compete with any sailor of the same level, sharing the same passion and experiences.

Participants: blind and visually impaired children and adults, with no additional disabilities. Given the nature of the course, participants are asked water confidence. The course starts with a minimum of 6 participants (required for the activation) to a maximum of 8.


  • three sailing instructors specialized in teaching people with visual disabilities;
  • two assistant sailing instructors specialized in teaching people with visual disabilities, that will help with sailing activities;
  • one instructor of orientation, mobility and personal autonomy for people with visual disabilities;
  • physical education graduates;
  • enthusiastic sailors specialized in accompanying blind people.


  • from 8.30 to 9 am, FairPlay minibus will pick up participants at their own places or accommodations and take them to the sailing school;
  • from 10.00 am to 6 pm, activities at the sailing school, with theory and practical exercises;
  • lunch break from 12 to 2 pm;
  • at the end of the activities, the minibus will take participants back to their places.

Note: in case of bad weather that does not allow to carry out scheduled exercises, we will organize different sports activities or trips to peculiar places of the coast and the inland of Trieste.

Registration fee: €390 (three hundred ninety) per person including:

  • ASD FairPlay membership;
  • FIV (Italian Sailing Federation) membership;
  • beginner sailing course on dinghies for blind people;
  • pick up and return service;
  • lunch.

Accommodation is not included in the registration fee.

If needed, qualified people will be available for assistance at dinner, during the evening and night. We have agreements with a few accommodations in Trieste historical centre. Registrations must be received by August 15, 2021.
To register, it is necessary to submit the registration form completely filled, attaching the receipt of payment and a medical certificate for non-competitive sports activities, to ASD FairPlay: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. €200 (two hundred) deposit by bank transfer to:

ASD FairPlay “Massimo Bertoni”
IBAN: IT66C0887736460000000350096

The second part of the fee (three hundred - €190) must be paid at the beginning of the course. Any cancellation must be communicated in writing to ASD FairPlay, that will retain the deposit to cover organizational expenses and the costs of materials already incurred by the association. If we don't reach the minimum number of participants, it won't be possible to activate the course, and the deposit will be returned in full.

Recommended clothing: boat or sports close-toed shoes, swimsuit (shorts recommended).